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Paint Couture

Paint Couture Paint * Paint for Furniture and Cabinets including CeCe Restyled ReMix collection

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Paint Couture is a zero VOC* (*Maximum VOC content: < 5g/l), environmentally safe, 100% acrylic mineral paint, without any of the highly carcinogenic PVA (polyvinyl alcohol). The paint is formulated to have great adhesion properties to all kinds of smooth surfaces and is self-leveling. It does not require a primer, and it can be brushed or sprayed! You can thin it down to 10% with water as needed when spraying. Paint Couture is a far easier and more durable product to work with than chalk-based products. It easily produces smooth contemporary and elegant finishes. Paint Couture will dry very hard and is durable because it is an acrylic resin mineral paint. Clean up is easy with just soap and water.

Please contact me at if a color selection or size is not available. I am more than happy to place an order.