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Farmhouse Paint Company Paint for Furniture, Cabinets, Home Décor and More Metallique Shimmers - OCEAN, 3″ WIDE X200′ LONG

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Metallique Shimmers - OCEAN, 3″ WIDE X200′ LONG
Brilliant metallic in many rich colors. Available in 3x200’” or 6x200’” rolls that are durable, long lasting and easy to apply. Create a reflective metallic on entire surface or detailed areas.

Apply Farmhouse Metalize as desired (Per Farmhouse Metalize directions). Allow to set up till tacky and clear.
Roll out Metallique Shimmers and cut to desired size.
Apply Shimmer back side down (nonmetallic side down) to tacky Farmhouse Metalize tacky surface.
Using Farmhouse Shimmer brush, brush shimmer to adhere to surface. Brush hard and evenly, pushing into any crevice detail.
Pull clear sheet off and discard. (You can only expect 80-90% of shimmer to adhere.) If more coverage is desired, repeat steps.

Farmhouse Paint is the “New Generation” of high performance Furniture and Cabinet Paint, using the latest advances in paint technologies. Our proprietary resins deliver a premium, high quality paint that is unique to all other brands in the industry.

Our customers demand excellence and Farmhouse Paint gives customers exactly what they expect; exceptional results, unparalleled quality, enduring craftsmanship, excellent stability, unsurpassed durability, superior adhesion, with years of industry knowledge. Farmhouse Paint is easy to use, providing reliable and professional results.


Our Proven Results!

Farmhouse Paint is the only paint of its kind and differs from “Chalk Style Paint” with proven and verified results, through continual testing of other brands, to be the highest quality formula giving the best proven performance in the industry. We don’t just say it; we have tested results to prove it.

Made in the USA, the creative force behind Farmhouse Paint, has been designing paint applications and creating painted finishes for over 25 years. Producing decorative finishes, furnishings, and products for every surface, always maintaining the leading edge, and always a step above. Our adrenaline and stimulation comes from creating and implementing what others have never thought of.

Skeptics say it’s not possible to have a paint of this nature, but Farmhouse Paint has done it. Don’t take our word for it, ask our customers!

Farmhouse Paint requires no wax or topcoat unless desired. We suggest using Farmhouse Paint, "Clear It" (clear, water based urethane topcoat) for cabinets, counters and table tops. This provides an extra layer of protection and helps prevent staining from items that may discolor your paint over time.

Farmhouse Paint covers very well. Our medium to dark colors usually cover in one coat and our lighter colors usually cover in several coats depending on color of substrate and how it's applied. You may want to lightly sand rough or raw wood surfaces prior to painting if a smoother finish is what you desire.

Before painting, your project piece should be cleaned to remove any dirt, oil, wax or furniture polish. These contaminates may affect adhesion.

Farmhouse Paint dries quickly to the touch and will fully cure in around 10 days depending on temperature and humidity. We recommend a minimum of 4 hours between coats to prevent the top coat from softening and pulling on the previous coat.

Before the start of any project, we suggest testing the paint on your project to ensure desired results.


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