What is Posh Chalk?

Information on Posh Chalk!

These are a range of luxury coatings released by WoodUbend under their Posh Chalk label. After two years in development and testing, these coatings exhibit some unique properties that offer superb enhancement of your crafting projects. Try them and be amazed at the range of effects that can be created. 

The Metallic Smooth Pastes, have a wide range of uses, with many more waiting to be discovered by you. Developed specifically to complement the WoodUbend range of moldings, they can also be used to make a surface wash or raised stenciling (a little like thermographic inks), or applied to wall panels – again, use heat to achieve a deeper texture and greater tactility.…the applications are endless. Not only are they quick nd easy to apply with a palette knife, but they bring another dimension to our workpiece. By simply adding heat, you will see your paste jump right out at you. PRO TIP: mix these babies with water and watch them glide across your surface. 

The Textured Pastes, have an added grain to allow for greater texture-building in a project. They provide further and more exaggerated textures and effects than do the Smooth Pastes. Applied in a similar manner to the Posh Chalk Smooth Pastes, the Textured Pastes can be used for raised stenciling, or even as a base layer to create a great texture to your piece. PRO TIP: When totally dry, Posh Chalk Textured Paste is as tough as diamonds! Ain’t nothing scratchin’ that off! 

Posh Chalk Pigments These unique powders should be mixed with a varnish to achieve a metallic-look finish, or can be mixed with waxes, topcoats, and other media (water-based or oil-based) to achieve different effects. Alternatively, you can sprinkle the pigment directly onto your project, and apply your sealing medium afterwards.

The gold and copper colors, that really do look like these metals, will make your project POP. Watch liquid gold, silver, and copper appear before your eyes. When used with a solvent-based varnish, they dry rapidly.PRO TIP: A little pigment goes a long way, so use sparingly. 

Posh Chalk Patinas are oil-based products that are perfect for ageing surfaces. They are great for giving a project depth. Apply sparingly and then buff to produce a lovely glowing patina. They can be applied using a brush, or lightly stroking with your fingers if you are a hands-on kind of crafter. Available in a range of 6 beautiful colors. PRO TIP: Even the smallest stroke of these waxes gives a fabulous coverage, so no need to be heavy handed with your application. 

Aqua Patinas Following on from the popularity of the oil-based patinas, our brand-new Posh Chalk Aqua Patinas are water-based products that are ideal for highlighting surfaces. Available in five striking colors, they are perfect for uplifting your projects. They are extremely economical; a little goes a long way so apply sparingly and watch your project come to life with vivid colors. They can be applied with a brush, or even with your fingers if you want take a hands-on approach. 

Stencils With 30 designs, our new stencil range has something for everybody. At 250 microns thick, these stencils are durable and heat resistant; the extra thickness means they can be washed and reused time and time again. The stencils allow you to create amazing designs quickly and easily, without the worry of any warping or distortion when washing or drying.